Cosmic Candor

It’s time to talk up a blue streak and flirt up a storm! (Not that I don’t usually do that already, I am a Gemini, after all). But now mental Mercury is speeding into its home sign (and mine) — fun, flirty and somewhat scatterbrained Gemini.

It’s quite possible we’re going to be feeling a little A.D.D. over the next couple of weeks, and we may wonder why our thoughts are being pulled in so many directions at once. That’s Mercury in Gemini, folks.

I love this transit, personally, because in my own birth chart Mercury is also in Gemini. That means my thoughts are on hyperdrive almost all the time, so when Mercury moves into Gemini it’s a chance for others to finally catch up with my crazy brain.

From now until June 7, when Mercury moves on to Cancer, we’ll have lots of bright ideas and we’ll be eager to communicate them. This is a great time to get out there and mingle — strike up interesting conversations with people, go to parties, flirt and maybe meet someone new!

This is the social butterfly transit, so get out of your cocoon!

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