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Facing changes?

We are living in a time of near continual change. Everything around us is changing is some way, it seems. And change — so our psychologists tell us — is the single most stressful of all human experiences. How to […]


Just one way?

The Wal-Mart incident raises some very hard-to-look-at questions about all of us. Human beings like to think of themselves as an advanced species. Yet are we? At the Wal-Mart store in Valley Stream, New York yesterday a 34-year-old employee was […]


Is it okay to pray?

Is it okay to tell God what we most desire? Does God want us to simply sit back and accept whatever the Universe dishes out? Or do we have a pathway to God that may be used to bring about […]


Mumbai and Thankfulness

In the United States this is Thanksgiving Day. Yet while millions seek a place in their hearts from which to express gratitude, the world continues to be filled with terror and uncertainty. The horrific terrorist attack in Mumbai tells our […]

Commenting on the Comments

Is it loving to announce and reveal the unloving behaviors of others? Should we never offer an observation, much less a criticism, of those who do things with which we disagree? Yesterday I asked this question, and drew quite a […]

Blame Game?

Is it unloving to observe and comment upon the unloving behaviors of others? Does love for the despot allow the despot’s behavior to continue unnoticed? This is not a small question as the world slowly migrates to a new understanding […]

Bringing new ideas home

I said yesterday that I believe what the world needs is a new idea about God. Some of our present ideas are hurting us very badly. They can cause wars. They can produce violence. I will explore more of this […]

A new idea about God

I have been convinced by a Christian minister that what we need in this world is a new idea about God. I want to thank Rev. Mark Holick of Wichita for that. You may recall that yesterday in this space […]

Church sign declares Obama a Muslim

By now I suppose you have heard. A Christian minister in Wichita is insisting that President-Elect Barack Obama is a Muslim. He put a sign in front of his church saying so. Rev. Mark Holick, pastor of Spirit One Christian […]

What is “consciousness”?

What is “consciousness”? Is there such a thing as “higher” consciousness? Does it matter? There are a lot of questions that swirl around in the Consciousness Movement, and these are just a few. A couple of says ago a person […]

Are there ‘energy vampires’?

What is the nature of human energy…and can it affect us in a negative way? Do we have to protect ourselves from the incoming energy of others who can “drain” us? Got a note yesterday from “Sara E.” on this […]

Hear no evil, speak no evil-Part 2

Does simply observing that something is true mean that we are creating it as being more true? Can a thing be more true than “true”? Wow, what a lively discussion we’ve had here on the question of whether talking about […]

A billion zeros

The next time you hear a politician use the word ‘billion’ in a casual manner, think about whether you want the ‘politicians’ spending YOUR tax money. Have you seen this, now going around the Internet? A billion is a difficult […]

Hear no evil, see no evil

When you see a train coming, should you say anything about it? When the weather forecast calls for a blizzard to leave 3-feet of snow on the mountain pass, should you warn those in your family preparing to travel? Yesterday […]

Threats against Obama rise

What is it that lives in the heart of Man that produces anger, hatred, and the idea of using violence and killing for any purpose whatsoever? I wonder this today as we hear from the Secret Service that threats against […]

Can we talk?

As comedianne Joan Rivers says, “Can we talk?” We are facing an extraordinary and uncertain future, and now is the time for all of us to enter into new discussions about old things looked at in new ways. That is […]

Pikkuah Nefesh

I learned something new the other day. I learned about a spiritual principle called pikkuah nefesh. It is from the Jewish tradition, and the principles states, roughly: “To save a life, you can violate almost any commandment.” That interpretation comes […]

Suicide is not the answer

Yesterday a person who posted in the Comments Section here without a name indicated that he was close to suicide. I need to respond to that post, and I invite you to do the same. Here is the comment as […]

Can we agree on God?

Who and what is God? This question has occupied the mind of humans for thousands of years. And it is clear that, after all this time, we have still not come to any conclusions upon which all of us can […]

Back to CWG in a moment

Tomorrow, back to CwG. But for today, let me ask you an honest question — because it is important. What, exactly, is “wrong” with same sex marriage? And let me ask you another question. Is it humanity’s business to legislate […]

Alice Walker writes to Barack Obama

Alice Walker has written a marvelous letter to President-Elect Barack Obama. It is an “Openm Letter,” and so I am sure that Alice will not mind my sharing it here. It is both instructive and inspiring. Enjoy it. Dear Brother […]

A political leader says it!

Is it possible that we actually now have a political leader who understands that the highest truth of life is our Oneness? Yes, it is! The people of the United States chose that leader two days ago. It was a […]

A time to heal

And now it is time to heal, and time to end the division, and time to rally behind the two people who have been elected to lead the United States and, in many ways, the free world: Barack Obama and […]

Obama wins! Well…one place anyway

Barack Obama has won the first vote for President taken in the United States today, the Associated Press has reported. In a story datelined DIXVILLE NOTCH, N.H. (Nov. 4), the AP said that Democrat Obama “came up a big winner […]

Watch this

Tomorrow is Election Day in the United States, and today’s blog is directed to an American audience only. It is my video message about one of the most important days in U.S. history.

If you live near Dallas

There are many ways that you can support the ideas of the new cosmology introduced into our world by today’s contemporary spiritual messengers. Today I would like to tell you about one way you can do this if you live […]

Way down in the gutter

Why can’t the Republicans just stop it? Can’t the GOP JUST STOP IT??? Must every candidate and every race run by the Republican Party just STOP BEING UGLY and STOP THE CHARACTER ATTACKS and just STOP TRYING TO WIN ON […]

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