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Is suffering necessary in life on Earth? No, says Conversations with God. And all the spiritual masters of the world through all the ages have agreed. Yet how is this possible? Yesterday in the Comments Section of this blog the […]

Most of the people on earth agree that there is such a thing called God. But what is that–and how does it work? That’s the question that has captured the attention of philosophers and theologians for thousands of years. Today […]

One of America’s most conservative female columnists has just called for Sarah Palin to get out of the race for vice-president, saying, essentially, that she is an embarrassment. Tomorrow we return to the topics of the New Spirituality, as Sunday […]

Must a loving person never raise his voice, or say an angry thing, or use sharp words to make a point? My entry here yesterday brought some wonderful and interesting responses…among them, there was an entry from the person posting […]

Does “Oneness” mean “Sameness”? Does “Unity” mean “Uniformity”? Does “Singularity” mean “Similarity”? Today I would like to ask you all a question. I really want to know. What do you think? What do you really think about this? The other […]

There is a problem in the world today, but it has nothing to do with politics, economics, or military excursions. Can you guess what it might be? A fascinating discussion took place at a three-day CwG event I recently facilitated […]

For one of the most striking and vivid insights into the politics of America today, I offer an extraordinary essay by Tim Wise now making the rounds on the Internet. Its author, Tim Wise, invites every one to share it […]

Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the One True Church? Have we found a sure way to heaven at last? Or does it matter which way we take? Sunday School All Week continues today with a look […]

God functions in a very particular way — and I do not believe this way has ever been accurately described for us by traditional religions. The New Spirituality, on the other hand, offers us deep insight into the mechanism of […]

In your opinion, have our earthly theologies provided humanity with effective guidance on how to live together in peace and harmony? Here’s my opinion: No. In fact, far too often they have produced just the opposite result. Today 400 children […]