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Why? WHY?

From the beginning of time people have begged God to tell them…Why? WHY do terrible things happen to good people? Now comes this question for us to explore again, in a poignant letter and an electrifying reply… Yesterday is usually […]


Ideas about salvation are important

Are our ideas about ‘salvation’ important in the daily life of the world? Or is this all just about our individual, personal, theologies? I think that is a crucial question. I raise it because of comment made here two days […]


About those dimwitted Americans

A few folks are upset with me because I labeled as “dimwitted” those Americans who still believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim. Too bad. They are dimwitted. And, contrary to what some believe, I am not saying that because […]


Do Christians believe in ‘salvation’ or not?

Wow, I must be mistaken about what Christianity teaches and what Christians believe. I thought that Christianity teaches, “Either believe in Jesus or go to hell.” I thought that Christians believe that “either you believe in Jesus or you go […]

An incredible depiction of Love

Human beings are supposed to be the highest life form on this planet, right? We are supposed to know all about things like Love. Certainly, more than mere animals, who are said not to have the ability to self-reflect, to […]

Obama and hell

What does Barack Obama think about God sending people to hell as a punishment of everlasting and indescribable torture if they do not come to Him through Jesus Christ? Is Obama a true “Christian?” Newsweek magazine, in its July 21 […]

Losing friends over Christ

Does being born again mean that people must abandon their non-Christian friends? Are people of faith to separate from those who ‘don’t believe’? Is this What God Wants? The other day I received a sad note from someone posting in […]

How can I know God exists?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Wednesday is Question and […]

Man is more forgiving than God

The startling story of Willie Earl Green will be told in the days ahead as part of an extraordinary Special Report on CNN tomorrow and Thursday evening at 9 p.m ET. The report has to do with life at San […]

Will God allow justice to be abused?

“Could you imagine a legal system that never punished anyone for anything?” That is the question posed by a member of the growing family of people entering the ongoing dialogue at this blog about What God Wants. Here is the […]

IS God a God of love?

“How many of you have read the Bible? The answers to all your questions are in there. God is a God of love and is the God of all of us. Do some research in the Bible and you will […]

Using God’s name in vain

Can we imagine a God who has no intention of ever punishing us – for anything? If so, what would be the point of having a God at all? let these be our questions for the day. Here is a […]

Does God punish us? If so, why?

“Since I’m a Muslim I should comment here. If you read the Koran, God definitely wants something from us and that is…” Thus begins a contribution on this blog to our continuing dialogue on What God Wants… This commentary, from […]

Are the Taliban ‘right’?

A group of 200 Taliban fighters overran a group of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan on Sunday, killing nine Americans in uniform, and raising the specter, once again, of the Taliban asserting its fundamentalist brand of Islam wherever it holds sway […]

What does Allah want and require?

Can Americans admit that the actions of the United States are at least equally as responsible for the world’s unrest as the actions of other nations? That will be the key question facing U.S. foreign policy decision makers in the […]

Why I am asking these questions

For the past week I have been asking some uncomfortable questions of Christians. Yesterday a reader of this blog posted a question to me… “Again Dear Neale I must ask you… have claimed to have direct dialogue with God Himself, […]

Can women serve God?

Must human beings have male parts in order to be eligible to serve God as a member of the upper administration of His Church? Or, it put it more directly, can women be bishops? What does God want? Add why? […]

Is God tempting us?

Does God ever deliberately “lead us into temptation”? If not, why would we ask God not to? Why would we pray to God that way in the Lord’s Prayer? = = = = = = = = = = = […]

Does Jesus love us? Does God?

Does Jesus love us? Does God? Does God love us even if we are not Christians? Does God love us enough to let us into heaven even if we are not Christians? Is heaven meant only for the few and […]

Will Jesus condemn us? Will God?

I had an interesting conversation Wednesday with a kind and gentle man who happened to be a part time Christian minister. His full time job was as a health insurance salesman, and I had invited him over to the house […]

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