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From the beginning of time people have begged God to tell them…Why? WHY do terrible things happen to good people? Now comes this question for us to explore again, in a poignant letter and an electrifying reply… Yesterday is usually […]

Are our ideas about ‘salvation’ important in the daily life of the world? Or is this all just about our individual, personal, theologies? I think that is a crucial question. I raise it because of comment made here two days […]

A few folks are upset with me because I labeled as “dimwitted” those Americans who still believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim. Too bad. They are dimwitted. And, contrary to what some believe, I am not saying that because […]

Wow, I must be mistaken about what Christianity teaches and what Christians believe. I thought that Christianity teaches, “Either believe in Jesus or go to hell.” I thought that Christians believe that “either you believe in Jesus or you go […]

Human beings are supposed to be the highest life form on this planet, right? We are supposed to know all about things like Love. Certainly, more than mere animals, who are said not to have the ability to self-reflect, to […]

What does Barack Obama think about God sending people to hell as a punishment of everlasting and indescribable torture if they do not come to Him through Jesus Christ? Is Obama a true “Christian?” Newsweek magazine, in its July 21 […]

Does being born again mean that people must abandon their non-Christian friends? Are people of faith to separate from those who ‘don’t believe’? Is this What God Wants? The other day I received a sad note from someone posting in […]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Wednesday is Question and […]

The startling story of Willie Earl Green will be told in the days ahead as part of an extraordinary Special Report on CNN tomorrow and Thursday evening at 9 p.m ET. The report has to do with life at San […]

“Could you imagine a legal system that never punished anyone for anything?” That is the question posed by a member of the growing family of people entering the ongoing dialogue at this blog about What God Wants. Here is the […]