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Nicole Symmonds is Beliefnet’s Prayer editor and also covers Christianity. A New Yorker by birth but a Floridian by tenure, Nicole graduated from Florida A&M University with a B.S. in Public Relations and a minor in Sociology. She moved to NY to pursue a career in journalism which started at In Style magazine. There she learned the ropes of magazine reporting, researching, and writing—and became exponentially more stylish. But what seemed like a deep interest in fashion and entertainment would soon be revealed as merely the vehicle that moved her closer to discovering her purpose, writing and covering matters of the Christian faith. While in her purpose-driven vehicle she can be found traveling between Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens for life, work and worship, respectively. From fashion to faith and the journey isn’t over yet…

“Daughter with emotional problems and depression.” –from ldhb Add your prayers now

“Please pray for my dearly departed mother who I loved so much.” –from nancy_fielder Add your prayers now

“My boyfriend’s family has been through too much for anyone to handle.” –from deriese Add your prayers now

He has leukemia and is in critical condition –from lindabingham Add your prayers now

“This prayer is for my husband who is trying to quit alcohol.” –from Karly1957 Add your prayers now

“I need prayers to save my marriage.” –from sappy419 Add your prayers now

“Brandy has been in a coma for almost four days.” –from missibeth3 Add your prayers now

“This prayer is to help us sell our home.” –from CarlosMichelle Add your prayers now

“The love of my life has cancer.” –from Hugs9221 Add your prayers now

“Please pray for my daughter and her unborn child.” –from Debbra Add your prayers now