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Think about serving others. By giving a little of yourself, you lighten your own burdens. Lending a helping hand can show you that you perhaps don’t have it as bad as you think you do. Giving of yourself to others can teach you new ideas and ways for your own life.

Taking the time to get outside yourself into someone else’s needs, can allow you some freedom for you, and that feeling of deep satisfaction knowing that you cared enough to share a little love and time. For that moment, your weight problems will vanish in service to others.

Today, I recommend you get outside of yourself for a little while, and think and write about how you can help others. Let yourself be a friend to someone else – elaborate on how you could assist a friend in need, or a stranger who has it worse than you.

Right here, right now – do a little strategic planning for some human service. Could you give an hour a week, volunteering somewhere you’re needed? Is there a service program connected with your church, synagogue or temple that you could hook up with? Or perhaps just simply read to an elderly or young neighbor or family member.

–Norris Chumley

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