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Is it possible to miss opportunities that come our way? Of course it is. But it’s also possible that the reason we miss them is because we’re not ready within. Some opportunities come around once in a lifetime, but God repeatedly gives us the chance to start over, begin anew, go the next level. God is not like us. God gives us repeated chances to get it right. “Behold I stand at the door and knock,” says the Holy One. Aren’t you glad that God knocks repeatedly?

Think about the timing when certain things fell apart or when others things came together in your life. Had you been in your mid-20’s instead of being in your late 30’s when you discovered that your last boyfriend couldn’t find it in himself to make a commitment to you, you may have lingered in the relationship longer, hoping, wishing, thinking something was wrong with you, trying to make him feel something he didn’t feel. But you were older, you knew better, and you knew you deserved better.

A few years back you may have been too frightened to step out and start your own business, but after 20 years of making lots of money for someone else you know you have what it takes to make money under your own logo. A decade ago you would not have picked up a book on spiritual readiness. But today you can’t read enough about reinventing yourself.

It must be God.

Recall some times in your past when timing made all the difference in the world to the fortuitous way things turned out in your life.

–Renita Weems

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