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When the world feels as if it’s swirling out of control with family and office drama, schedule conflicts, and missed deadlines, the sanest thing to do sometimes is to turn your attention to creating little sanctuaries of calm and inspiration for yourself. Whether it’s a room in a house, a corner of an office, or a wall in a carrel, it’s important to create a space for yourself that invites you to get calm and to reflect upon those things that matter most. Sanctuary making begins by asking yourself, “What kind of spirit or mood do I want to encounter when I come into this space, this room, this little corner?” Then set out to create just such a spirit for the space with colors, texture, scents, pictures, mementoes, music, and, of course, prayer.

Steal a moment to yourself and hunker down in your personal space with a cup of latte, with your trusted pet at your feet, a favorite CD, a comfy ottoman, a favorite book or journal, and relax. Personalize your space by making it a sanctuary of escape for those times when you’re under siege can be the next best (and cheapest) way to get away from it all.

Journal about some favorite spaces and places where you felt rejuvenated, inspired and relaxed upon visiting. What was it about being there that arrested you and made it easy to relax and hear yourself think?

–Renita Weems

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