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Beliefnet is pleased to present an inspirational devotional from the gifted Christian author Brian McLaren. This is week 8 of the 8 week-long devotional. If you missed the previous entries, stay subscribed to this feed to start over.
I hope this overview of the biblical narrative has stimulated your imagination, and your faith, too. I often think of writing as a first small step of action–a kind of spiritual discipline that says my invisible thinking needs to be manifested visibly in the real world. Encoding my response in visible words is a first step, hopefully, leading to the more important expression of my response beyond words–in action, relation, generosity, sacrifice, and service. In that way, we begin by understanding the biblical narrative, and then we extend it in our own lives, into our own future, and make possible its extension into, to quote Archbishop Oscar Romero, “a future not our own.”
–Brian McLaren

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