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When I watch my children sleep at night, I marvel that God entrusted me with them. Not only are they a huge blessing to me as a mom, but their presence and need cause me to run to Jesus more. As Dr. Dan Allender writes in How Children Raise Parents, “Our children raise us to the degree that we are willing to receive them as the gift God gave us to mature us to be like him.”

Not only does God give us children to help us grow into devoted followers of Him, but He gives them simply because they are a blessing. How have your children helped you mature in God? Write a note to each of your children expressing your gratitude for how God created them.

Mary E. DeMuth

This is part of Mary E. DeMuth’s guided journal, “Creating the Family You Always Wanted,” a 12-week journey in Christian parenting. Twice a week, you’ll receive a new journaling prompt encouraging you to think about your family–and God–in new ways. Use these prompts in your own journal or in group discussion. If you’re joining this journal mid-way through, you can start journaling at any time, and stay subscribed at the end, when the journal will restart and you can receive the prompts that you missed.

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