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Adapted from ‘The Journey: How to Live By Faith in an Uncertain World’ by Billy Graham (W Publishing Group, 2006). Used by Permission.
What does it take for us to become more like Christ? First, repentance. Second, submission. Finally, the key to releasing the transforming power of the Holy Spirit involves obedience and trust.
When a soldier submits to the authority of his commanding officer, he obeys what that officer tells him to do. If a patient submits to a doctor’s treatment, he or she does what the doctor says to do. And when we submit ourselves to the King of kings and the Lord of lords, we obey what He tells us to do, because we know His way is right.
Why is obedience connected to trust? Think about the soldier and officer, the doctor and patient, or a parent and a child. Write about the role trust plays in obedience. Then, think of something you need to trust God for, and explain how you can display obedience in the meantime.

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