Chattering Mind

I just attended one of those truly amazing dinner parties where the host placed thoughtful gifts at each seat, where the delectable Spanish tapas were accompanied by a dizzying amount of impressive wines–and my sweetheart was placed at the far […]

As someone who–no matter what new contraption I buy–just can’t find the most ergonomic writing/computer set up, I’ve suffered for years with occasional tendonitis in my wrists and hands. This annoying condition has caused me to take long breaks from […]

Ah, the glitter, pink wigs, loud electronic music and bare, sweaty torsos. No, this is not an urban yoga class, but rather the famous Love Parade that burst through Berlin this past weekend, where upward of a million joyous revelers […]

I have no children yet, but I do have plenty of friends who have babies, and for them I’ve found the perfect gift. It’s something to give to every new mom I know, because I keep hearing rave reviews from […]

“Good fortune follows you around like a drunk monkey in a little red dress.” Or how ‘bout “Look out, your spirit is taking naked pictures of you.” Or maybe, “You have the power to make angels swoon.” At the book […]