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parisandlarry.jpgI failed to watch Larry King interview the new-sprung Paris Hilton last night, but here’s what the New York Times said. Sounds like Paris’s resolve to reform will wear off with time. But I’m still rooting for her.
After she said she read the Bible in her cell every day, [King] asked her to name her favorite passage. Ms. Hilton hesitated, looked down at her notes as if hoping to find an answer, then conceded that she didn’t have a favorite…
Mr. King did look surprised when the star of the reality show, “The Simple Life,” denied, with a straight face, ever abusing alcohol or taking drugs or living a hedonistic lifestyle. “I just like to go out and have fun with my friends, “ she said. “ I’m an Aquarius. We’re social people.”
Ms. Hilton wasn’t particularly penitent about her traffic infractions, claiming she was not aware that her license was suspended either time she was stopped by police. She did, however, vow never again to drink and drive. She also said she has tired of her party-girl image, and promised to raise money and awareness for worthy causes.
At this point, what Paris Hilton really needs is a thoughtful, spiritually-activated PR agent (like Arielle Ford, Debbie Ford’s sister), and an ongoing, therapeutic relationship with someone sincerely religious but a tad show-biz-y, someone like Deepak Chopra. Deepak, can you call her?

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