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By Valerie Reiss, filling in for Amy.

Hi, so I’m bragging and sharing: Dr. Andrew Weil’s website just reprinted my B’net essay on my deep ambivalence about “The Secret.”

As I was checking out my story there (the sight of my name in print or pixels, surprisingly, never, ever gets old), I realized that his site is an absolute TROVE of great information.

One of the main stories now is on what kinds of fish to eat once you screen for toxins and environmental effects of over-fishing. I’ve been wanting this information boiled down for me for a while because I’m constantly back-and-forthing about whether I should eat fish at all, what kind I should eat if I eat it, and what the effects are of that choice.

I mean, I’ve seen the little Ocean’s Alive chart of red-, yellow-, and green-lit kinds of fish as per eco-impact. And I’ve seen yet other charts of which fish could take your temperature they have so much mercury. I was thrilled that Dr. Andy cross-referenced all that information. Even if the answer is kind of a bummer. Best fish to eat for its environmental impact and toxicity level? Sardines. Sigh. Never been a fan of fish with a face I can see. But I’m going to give it a try.

To check that out and loads, loads more:

And actually, it appears that Ocean’s Alive does cross-list their fish safety list now:

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