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Some of you guys seemed annoyed with me for saying anything nice about KFC (its executives have just agreed to use a healthier, trans-fat-free frying oil). I don’t eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, but some 736 millions chickens are sold at their franchised stores annually.

Yep, they’ve got a long way to go on the MSG, skipping the antibiotics and hormones, and raising/slaughtering their chickens humanely, etc. But shifting to a healthier frying oil is a terrific advance! We must rejoice in their enlightened corporate leadership. If we stay polarized “against” and treat the company’s executives like our sworn enemies, no further progress will be made. We should write letters of thanks since the health of those who do eat the product is also of serious concern to us. Then we can work to convince them that a clientele awaits a healthier, humanely-raised bird. God willing, the stock price of Whole Foods may one day convince them.

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