Chattering Mind recently ran an interview with spirital author and teacher Doreen Virtue. Here’s my favorite passage of her “Lightworker’s Prayer,” which is printed in its entirety at the end of the article.

“I accept a steady diet of love and joy, knowing that I deserve happiness and health. I willingly and lovingly release all ego judgments about myself and other people, knowing that everything I want comes from my decision to experience the wonders of all life. I know I am meant to be a healer and a teacher for God, and I now accept my mission fully without delay or reservation. I surrender all behaviors that will block me from hearing my inner voice, and I happily trust my inner guide to lead me along this way where I joyfully serve as an instrument of love. I release any doubts or fears I might have about fulfilling my divine mission, and I now command to staying aware of my inner voice for God. I know that this is the only tool I will ever need for my own healing and the healing of the world. Amen.”

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