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Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Here’s a nice prayer for our country taken from the Jewish “Weekday, Sabbath and Festival Prayer Book,” used in this collection of patriotic quotes and prayers.

Heavenly father, we invoke thy blessings upon the President of the United States of America and upon all the leaders of our country. Protect them with thy mercy and sustain them with thy good counsel. Inspire them to govern the nation in faithfulness and in truth and direct them ever to seek the welfare of all the inhabitants of our land. Grant them to know that a nation is exhaled by righteousness, but that the perversion of righteousness is a reproach to any people. Thou who art the Lord of all mankind implant within our hearts a respectful law and a resoluteness of purpose in advancing the cause of freedom, justice and peace. Prosper our country in all her worthy endeavors and help her to be a force for good among all the nations of the world. Amen.

We must not toss up our hands and give up.

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