Chattering Mind

I have made the conscious decision to start dressing like a goddess. Well, some might say “like a total kook.”

Today, for instance, I put on a black cotton top which has white shells and silver sequins descending the V-neck, and a calf-length black skirt underwhich peeps–this is key–a frothy, white gypsy petticoat that has small bells sewn within it.

If I hold my stomach in, I look really good. And when I walk, I ring!

Nope, I’m not going to a square dance. I’m only scheduled to blog and greet the dog groomer today. But I feel vibrant and divinely feminine (are those iron supplements also kicking in?).

What do you do to bolster yourself? Men, don’t abandon me here! I noticed on the cover of last week’s Newsweek that Johnny Depp looked healthy and virile wearing, among other things, a nice-looking leather cuff on his wrist. Just a little thing.

As I age, I feel a greater need to express myself with a few out-of-the-ordinary accoutrements. They sort of stand in for my personality until I open my mouth. And because I spent more than forty years believing that it was always best to be 1. smart and 2. elegantly understated, I now believe that dressing more flamboyantly is, for me, one way to connect with my spiritual path. This is not about materialism. I’m not trying to get anyone’s attention. I’m just spreading my vital life force!

Does this pass as spiritual practice? When accompanied by the right intent, I’d say so.

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