Chattering Mind

Gee, you readers are great, and so generous with great links and suggestions. Write me more, let’s interact (spiritual material does not get as much of a written response from Beliefnet members as political talk, but I don’t know why that has to be). I just learned this morning that Chattering Mind is one of the top five ways folks currently come “into” Beliefnet. But this begs the question: if you are coming in “through” me, do you want me to more systematically inform you of what might be of interest to you on the main site? That is, do you want me to regularly guide you to homepage articles and pieces on Beliefnet’s “Spirituality” page that you might otherwise miss? Or are you seeing those? Every day, so much worthy material is published by us. And we’re always looking for information on how people use the site, so please let me know what you’re seeing, what you’re using, and how I can help you access more.

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