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One of my favorite writers, Waverly Fitzgerald, has launched a blog called “A Flower a Day” in which she provides sweet facts about the flowers, plants, and trees of the month, as well as tidbits on their mythology, and medicinal uses. Sign up for the newsletter here. And see what she’s already written on jasmine, peony, buttercup, St. John’s Wort, honeysuckle, bedstraw, linden blossoms, elder blossoms, honeywort, poppy, chamomile, and lemon verbena.

A student of ancient calendars and a gifted prose stylist, Fitzgerald chooses her plant subjects by consulting antique floral lists, one of which was created by French revolutionaries seeking to replace the old French calendar (and its religious and political associations) with a calendar that was more practical and down-to-earth.

I know there is so much to read in a day, but reading Waverly Fitzgerald is like walking in a wooded field on the most beautiful, lucid afternoon. You’ll feel better aligned each time you touch base with her gentle sensibility.

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