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I usually think it’s schlocky and corny when they show Hollywood stars at events and games.

I think that ticket should have gone to someone who REALLY wants to be there, not just someone a network can point out and say “hey … there’s such and such at the game…and he/she just happens to be on the hit series yada, blah!”

Egads!…those situations are painful to watch and the announcers usually HATE doing those “spots” too.

Jim Caviezel

I’ll make an exception in the case of Jim Caviezel, however. It was cool to see him Saturday afternoon at Madison Square Garden for the Duke-Washington basketball game.

And it was legit because he attended Washington and played basketball previously at a community college there.

Plus, there’s just something really likeable about Caviezel, as he comes across as humble and decent. In Hollywood, that’s not a combination of qualities you take for granted.

I am admittedly biased toward Caviezel for playing the role of Jesus in Passion of the Christ. He was superb in that tough to watch, but worthy film.

Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius was also a terrific flick, though I won’t say I have watched his new-ish CBS series Person of Interest yet.

I will, especially if I can get Caviezel to come watch me and the guys play dek hockey one Saturday in Raleigh…

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