Changing Channels

One of the fun and/or challenging parts of writing a blog is getting comments about them.

I am happy to report Changing Channels is up to 200 comments, which is more than the number of blog posts I have written.

I appreciate readers taking the time to write in, especially with the busy lives we all seem to have.

Most of the comments I received from 100 to 200 were about Charlie Sheen.

I wrote you shouldn’t feel sorry for him for losing his role in Two and A Half Men. Some of you didn’t care for that:

Charlie Sheen

“I don’t care what you say because, you don’t have control of my feelings so don’t tell me not to feel sorry for Charley,” wrote Debra.

“Well sorry, I do feel sorry for Charlie Sheen. He is a good actor but most important, he has been going through some very bad times,” Donnalee added.

The comments made me backtrack a bit, especially as a constantly failing Christian. I DO feel bad for him as a person, but not TOO much due to his financial situation, which should be fine.

I knew, just KNEW I’d get knocked for my post on Bayer’s Eric First, an ad in which the doctor has badly discolored teeth, but shows up months later touched up … in the same ad.

“I think I would just give thought as to why this brought up a concern within yourself…not whether Bayer made a decision one way or the other…good point upon which to contemplate…our own reactions…,” drilled Mary.

I still feel bad about pointing out his teeth, as mine are no prize either… more cracker jack than prize, really. BUT, I feel somewhat justified in that the post was e-mailed a whopping 265 times!

Sink yer’ teeth into that fact … or not.

The most opined on story was reported death threats on a Big Brother competitor.

“Get a life, stop getting so involved in reality shows and just enjoy them,” wrote one person anonymously to people who get wrapped up emotionally in those programs.

Well put, and thanks everyone for reading and commenting!

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