This reference, authored by 43 experts, covers all aspects of the Muslim holy book.

Catch the finale of the critically acclaimed Baltimore-based drama, and then go put the five seasons in your Netflix queue.

Marge sics a reality show on Homer to help him lose weight while Bart and Lisa feel guilt over a prank they pull on Martin.

Tracy Gold hosts this new show about stay-at-home-moms pursuing their outside the home ambitions. Episode one sees Adrian Stark secretly going back to work as a high-end fashion designer.

When a young, Jewish boy is attacked by a disturbed classmate Benson and Stabler are on the case.

Tom Hanks stars as Michael Sullivan a hit man leading a dual life, killer and devoted husband, until his son witnesses a hit and Sullivan’s world turns upside down.

Check local listings for dates and times Analyzing the role of religion in the Texas and Ohio primaries, criminalizing the homeless in Las Vegas, and Father Liam Lawton about his music and ministry.

Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale star in this film about the disintegrating relationships based on the novel by adapting Stewart O’Nan. Limited Release.

Ti wants to give his son all the best things in life on his limited salary, so he heads to the local junk yard to find the latest toy for him, but comes across a mysterious orb instead. Limited Release.

A man decides to murder his wife to spare her the agony of the divorce he wants. Limited Release.