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bio_raushenbush.jpgThe Rev. Paul B. Raushenbush is the Associate Dean of Religious Life and the Chapel at Princeton University and former editor at Beliefnet. He recently edited the 100th anniversary edition of Christianity and the Social Crisis in the 21st Century, written by his great-grandfather Walter Rauschenbusch. Rauschenbusch was a major proponent of the social gospel, a Christian philosophy which inspired a century of social activism on behalf of the poor aimed at transforming society to reflect God’s will on earth as it is in heaven.

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posted September 18, 2007 at 3:24 am

I cannot tell people much about anything except where I got the source. Lucky enough for me I received my first Holy Bible when I was 9. Everyhing that needs to learned I feel is in there . add a heart that is willing to love and learn, only God knows. Realizing the levels we are all on are different and somethings bound to take place in this world thats a given. The scriptures are a source of free gifts and should be given as to anyone who would like one without costs to them. Along with that support if they have questions or would like to study,. The best thing about the word of YHWH, is its alive and available also in examples in which go against debating as such not so much here but if it takes away from a genuine deep interest in learning the good news right from the good book itself, I myself feel that could be dangerous. The human heart needs truth and love most of all the minds eyes reading and taking in knowledge is what we should be doing more of, and if church is not feeding this to the point of satifaction and its a comfort or a choice to decide what is my way or the eeasy method of worship, than its not where the message of the kingdom of God is taught. Again , my opinions here and only opinions, why? I dont have the bible here to vertualy show a reader where to reprove it to thier own eyes from Gods word. Feed the my sheep , in the will of God , his name , Yahweh, or Jehovah , jah , yah , [ he that causes to become] This is whats becoming a lost peice of allot of reprinted bibles. The textragrammaton is a great place , along with the history of the bible and the 3000 years it took to bring us here to the present. Find one of a authentic print, and learn the hebrew and the greek and their is so much to learn about the bible in the bible itself,.. trust or let no man deceive you, check for yourself and your prayers , there is a fellowship of christians for every searching heart, remember, when we die here its up to us and God anyway, so start the relationship if all possible without people telling you how to feel or thihk, the bible is your source, now kids ,… get on it before you become forgettful . peace out and thanks to this board for allowing me my free speech that God himself allows by how Jesus rexemplified by living out in a mans flesh and dying for the sins of mankind, The ransom is my topic of new validating and exciting knowledge at the age of 40 , im still in the process as if a child learning every moment , just how much I need to have the love of God and his protection by the holy spirit, Today , life is far too scary without that comfort that Jesus Christ spoke of when he testified of the comfortter being left for us to have until a paradise earth and a heavenly hope,.. Time is now at hand and my watch is not a permanent keeper of time but the sun and the days and the nights guide me just as it is written,.. technology could be a extremely useful tool but it is also proved to be used against the better good,. So christians every where unite in love always ,..
A firm beleiver and christian
praise Jehovah God

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