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What would it be like to be in a room filled with elevated energy, abuzz with conversation about world healing, life enhancing concepts?  Imagine connecting with kindred spirits from all corners and curves of the globe; a multi-cultural feast for all the senses.  Add to that, presentations from some of your favorite authors, musicians and speakers, including: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Neale Donald Walsch, Lisa Williams, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Harville Hendrix, John Holland, Gregg Braden, Dr. Andrew Weil, Alan Cohen, Karen Drucker, Sonia Choquette, Dr. Judith Orloff, Elizabeth Lesser and Dan Millman. Over the past twenty some years, I have had the joy of interviewing most of these  movers and shakers and know first hand, the transformational power of their words and the jewels of wisdom they scatter for willing listeners and readers to scoop up and put to use in their own lives. Can you see it and feel it?

Imagine no more….an opportunity to experience all of that and who knows what other grand intentions the Universe might have in store for you…at the Celebrate Your Life Conference coming up November 4-7 in Phoenix, Arizona.  The heart-child of the dynamic Liz Dawn, it is an open doorway to creating a life that sings and soars…one that I will be dancing through as well; on my first trip to The Grand Canyon State on a much needed vacay.    I would love to meet you there.


                                                                 liz dawn





How do you live your bliss?

I deeply love my work and seeing these amazing events come to fruition.  It makes my heart sing when we are in the middle of a conference and people are connecting with one another, doing exercises in workshops, embracing one another and there is an overall magnificent feeling of love that permeates throughout the entire space of the event.


What led you the spiritual path you find yourself on?

My mother, Ariel Wolfe.  She has always been a spiritual woman but it was hidden for many years.  When I was in high school, in the 70’s, she started to open up and begin to study everything spiritual and psychic.  She has by far been my greatest teacher.  My mom turned me onto Ram Dass when I was 16 years old and then Emmanuel’s Book when it was first released.  It was very deep stuff to jump into at a young age, but she was and still is in spirit, a wonderful teacher.


How did your relationship with your mother impact on your career and personal life choices?

My mom was always very supportive of whatever career path I chose.  When I was an actress, she supported me one hundred percent.  As I started Mishka Productions, she helped me out at first.  We did not consciously realize that we were creating a “business”.  She helped me to get organized. When it became apparent that Mishka Productions was taking off, we agreed to become business partners.  I really needed her and she was there and gave up her psychotherapy practice.  We had such a blast working together!  There were so many magical moments building a business together and sometimes it was not so easy, but we always managed to figure things out.


Does she continue to guide you even after her transition?

I am sure she is guiding me, there is no doubt in my mind.  It is the listening that is a challenge for me.


Please speak about the serendipitous way Mishka Productions came to be.

I love this story, probably because it is a true real life story with a happy ending.  It is a little long, but here is a link to the entire story, plus a continuation of the story that my mother wrote.


What excites you most about Celebrate Your Life?

 I LOVE it when the conference finally comes together and opening night.  Everyone is joined together for the weekend, there is a nervous excitement in the room and the energy is high.  Then as we move through the weekend and people begin to attend workshops, everyone’s heart is wide open filled with such joy and love.  There becomes a very strong sense of community. Everyone is happy having such an amazing time and falling in love with themselves and the people around them.  I LOVE watching people connect, learning and growing in a safe nurturing environment.  This was very important to my mother.  One of my favorite moments is the conga line that seems to spontaneously happen at almost every event.  A couple of thousand people dancing with joy!  How much better can it get?



  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Billy Barbour

    My Healing testimony.
    In 2001 I was in a bad car accident, broke 3 ribs, cracked sternum, hurt back and neck. I was in severe pain, after a few months my doctor sent me to a pain management clinic. All they managed to do was put me in more pain. by 2005 I could hardly walk, I rode around in a Craftmatic scooter, I could not ride in a car for more than 20 minutes without being in tears, I could not sleep, not matter how hard I tried, I was in severe pain 24 hours a day, in march of 2005 I found God and started to go to church, I could not sit in the pews, they brought in a special lounger for me to sit in. in November of 2005 I went to revival at a messianic church, one of the women there noticed how much agony I was in, she asked me if I would like to be healed, of course I said yes, she said they had a healing room that met every Monday for about 2 hours, I really did not believe that God would or could heal me, but I said what the heck, I have nothing to lose but time, so the next Monday I went to the healing room, three people anointed me with oil, laid hands on me and prayed for a healing, they informed me that there were 3 types of healing. A miracle which is when you are healed instantly. A creative miracle, which is where you pray for a healing, say for a broken foot, and something different gets healed, maybe like severe headaches, and then the type of healing that takes time and work on your part, so I did not get a miracle at that moment, they gave 4 pages to read every day, one was scripture for healing confessions, one was scripture for breaking generational bondage and curses, two pages of healing scriptures, I was told to read them every day until was healed, so I did, after about 3 weeks I got up one morning and noticed I was not in very much pain, after about 6 weeks, I was not in so much pain I could not sleep, then in January 2006 I drove 11 hours and got of the car 3 times, it was then I realized I had been healed, by Feb I was in no pain whatsoever, and I have not had any pain since, except when I did something stupid like lift to much weight, God said he would heal you, not make you invincible and he also said to use wisdom, I praise God every day for his healing, soon after that I was told I was an anointed healer and two go out and pray for people, so I did and still do, I could write a book on how many people I prayed for have been healed. make no mistake I am no healer I am just a willing vessel doing what God commands, Jesus healed people and said we would do even greater works than he, God heals the same today as he did yesterday and the same he will forever, Praise God and Amen

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Linda D

    Amazing! I have fabry disease. There have been times that I have been very sick (105.4 fevers and months of vomitting and diarrhea). Lately it has been pain, on-going pain and fatigue. I would love to experience healing.

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