Blessings Abound

I am so blessed to live at the foot of a sacred mountain.  This mountain has been sacred to the Hopi, the Ute, the Dineh, and the Apache, to name a few.  I just found out yesterday that the names these people have for this mountain, although each a little different, mean basically The Shining One.

A couple mornings ago I felt called to go out before the sun rose over the mountain (something I wish I did every day, but up until now have done sporadically at best,) and I was filled with wonder to note that this morning the sun rose exactly over the middle of the mountain.  It was like a great Eye of Light suddenly opened and beamed out upon me, the trees, the valley, and the rest of the world. What an incredible blessing.

Many indigenous nations – of all races – have ritually greeted the sunrise with drumming or song or prayer.  Even some animals have been noticed to face the sun as it rises over the horizon.  The Sun has often been equated with deity due to its shining nature and its ability to “see all.”

How would our days be different if we greeted the sunrise each morning?  Would we feel more peace?  More joy?  More gratitude?  More blessed? 

I guess there’s only one way to find out!

Have a blessed day, everyone.

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