Blessings Abound

The last month has been a bit unstable.  My housing situation was up in the air (as written about in “Faith in the Face of Flux”) and then there were transportation issues.  I was to return to Colorado with a truck full of belongings today.  But four days ago that truck was sideswiped by someone and would therefore no longer be available for the drive.  And because I had responsibilities in Colorado and New Mexico, I ended up having to buy a ticket to fly home.  But, all is well.  Everything is working out.  All is in Divine Order.


I love that phrase.  It was introduced to me by my friend, Dan, who is now “on the other side.”  It has become a bit of a mantra.   All is in Divine Order.  All is in Divine Order.  Lose a house?  All is in divine order.  Lose a job?  All is in divine order.  Have a car accident?  All is in divine order.  Fall and hurt your knee?  All is in divine order.

I truly am learning to trust that when something doesn’t happen according to my plan, something else even better is in store.  So when complications arose regarding the house I was supposed to be living in, an even better house was found.  When something happened with the truck, I realize the timing is perhaps even better this way.  When I fell, I trust it’s for a reason – if only to better understand how it feels when a parent falls and what I can do to help them the next time it happens.

All is in Divine Order.  Next time something happens that you would rather didn’t happen, try this mantra.  All is in Divine Order.  Then trust that it is so.  All is going according to plan.  Even if it isn’t your plan.

Blessed be.

Have a beautiful day.

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