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H.A.L.T. — Don’t get too hungry, too angry, too lonely, or too tired.  But how do you do that?  How do you avoid getting in a dangerously tempting position? It takes planning.  Start planning before you even head to the […]

Ready, set — go!  Well, we’re almost ready to go.  On our daily walk, that is.  We talked in yesterday’s blog about deciding when to walk.  If you just plan to do it “sometime” it most likely won’t happen.  You have to […]

How are the steps coming?  The plan is to take the average of your steps for three days and then each week start adding 200 daily steps.  This is a small, but doable, change and those who started out with […]

We’ve been talking about planning — and how it can be the key to your success in your healthy eating and exercise plan.  Plan your food — don’t try to make decisions when you are tired and starved.  Plan your […]

You know what you will eat and when you will exercise. Is that all they planning you need? No — there are a couple or other things that will help you in your plan to win. Write Out Your Schedule […]

Do you ever feel like that your best intentions were ambushed and defeated by life?  You intended to eat right and to exercise.  Monday came, and you were sure that you would do it right this week. And life happened. […]