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The best plan is to retrain your sweet tooth by eliminating all sweets.  Then you can enjoy the flavor and sweetness of fruit as a dessert.  (It really DOES work that way!)  However, sometimes you have to make cookies.  When it’s […]

It’s tough to be good during the holidays!   I know that — so today I’m posting a cookie recipe that isn’t exactly good for you, but is significantly, well, less bad.  The protein lowers the glycemic load and it […]

I glanced down the cookie aisle at the grocery store — and felt a sense of loss.  Remember the days when I could pick out cookies — any kind of cookies — and treat myself?  I love reading and snacking […]

It’s a mistake a lot of people make. They try to replace all the bad stuff in their diets with fake bad stuff.  It’s a better plan to focus on eating good, whole, healthy food. Your taste buds will come […]

These breakfast cookies are low glycemic and good for you — so you can have them for breakfast or for a snack.  Just be careful not to eat too many!  Ingredients: 1 cup Special K Cereal 1/3 cup uncooked oatmeal […]

You know what you want — to be at a healthy, attractive weight.  But how can you possibly get there?  It seems too hard, if not down-right impossible.  I’ve been reading in the book of Joshua for my devotions lately, […]