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Wouldn’t you like to automatically resist temptation and make healthy choices without even bothering to think about it?  You can. That’s our topic today. Recognizing the cues that start us on the cycle of bad habits is part of the […]

Ha! Another study just proved my theory was right.  You can have greater success on your healthy eating plan by making it easier on yourself. In an article appearing in American Journal of Preventive Medicine, a team of Massachusetts General […]

“I’d like to be at a healthier weight,” a friend told me. “But we just don’t have the money to buy expensive diet foods and there isn’t enough in the budget to join a gym.  I’m stuck!” Many folks feel […]

Hold up my goings in thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.   Ps. 17:5 Sometimes a healthy eating plan seems like a slippery slope, doesn’t it?  It’s so easy to slide into bad habits and to make poor choices.  […]