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Need more protein in your diet?  Greek yogurt packs a powerful punch of muscle-building protein in each serving.  Usually I have to search for recipes that look easy and edible to feature our good-for-you food of the week.  Not a problem with Greek yogurt!  I found you can use it in all sorts of recipes.  Here are a few:

  • In smoothies. Add 1 cup of Greek yogurt to your favorite fruit smoothie to add protein and creaminess.
  • In pace of sour cream.  Try it on your tacos!
  • In salad dressings and dips
  • In pace of mayonnaise in tuna, potato, or egg salad.
  • In baking.  You can use it to replace buttermilk in baked goods.  It adds protein — and besides, who ever has buttermilk on hand?  Not me!
  • In creamy pasta dishes. Use instead of cream or cream cheese.

And it makes a great breakfast or snack.  It’s tart, so you may want to add a sugar alternative like honey or stevia and/or fruit.

So — which recipe do I pick?  A no-bake cheesecake with Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese?  An avocado salad dressiing/dip?  A chocolate fruit dip/frosting?

Well, the easiest recipe won.  Here is a super simple recipe for chocolate fruit dip that can be used to top cupcakes, too.

Chocolate Fruit Dip/Frosting


1/2 cup chocolate chips

1 cup Greek yogurt


Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave.  Cool and mix with yogurt.  Let it set in the refrigerator for a bit.

Done!  If it is too tart, you can add a healthy sugar alternative to taste. Strawberries dipped in this concoction are yummy, and it makes a great topping for cupcakes. (Try the coconut flour chocolate cake from an earlier blog.)

Enjoy — but don’t overdo.  Even healthy, low glycemic recipes can be sabotaged when you eat the whole thing!  Keep in mind that the chocolate chips do contain sugar, so it is not completely healthy.  The darker the chocolate, the lower the glycemic index number, too.

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown


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