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Blackberries — they are some of the most anti-oxidant rich foods around. And, even better, if you live in the south where they grow wild, they are free for the picking. (Well, it will cost you some in scratches and bug bites, but it’s not a perfect world!)

My attempts at a healthy blackberry cobbler failed yet again. I really need a collaborator who can cook. Maybe I just need a cook! At any rate, there are plenty of ways you can use blackberries, even when you are not on speaking terms with your oven. Here are a few:

*Add blackberries to your salad for a refreshingly different twist. Try a green salad with a chopped up pear and some blackberries thrown in.

*Mix them into yogurt.

*Add them to smoothies. They add flavor and nutrients to your smoothie — not to mention color.

*Make frozen blackberry pops. Just add them to yogurt, sweeten to taste with a healthy sugar alternative and freeze in an ice pop mold. You can freeze them in small paper cups and use disposable spoons for the sticks, if you don’t want to get fancy. Don’t have yogurt handy? Blend the berries with milk in your blender, add sweetener, and freeze.

*If you have frozen, rather than fresh berries, pour a dollop of milk or cream over the frozen berries and sweeten with Stevia or other alternative sweetener to taste. The milk will freeze instantly and you have a fuss-free, frozen dessert or snack.

*Just eat them. They make a great, low-glycemic snack just as they are.

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown

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