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We’ve looked at 16 ways to rev up your metabolism — the rate your body burns fat.  I like to call them the “sweet sixteen.”  Here they are, in abbreviated form:

  1.   Eat small meals throughout the day.
  2.   Drink lots of water, especially ice water.
  3.   Eat protein, especially after workouts
  4.   Step up the exercise.
  5.   Avoid stress.
  6.   Get out in the sunshine.
  7.   Get plenty of sleep.
  8.   Ditch the alcoholic beverages, colas, and sweet drinks.
  9.   Keep it cool — the temperature, that is.
  10.   Get Omega 3 fats in your diet
  11.   Use interval training.
  12.    Eat breakfast
  13.    Add hot spices to your food.
  14.    Drink green tea.
  15.    Make sure you are getting enough B vitamins
  16.    Get plenty of vitamin C

Can you do all sixteen and still not lose weight? Sorry — but the answer is “yes.”  If you are still chowing down on too many calories and not moving enough,  taking vitamin C and turning down the thermostat won’t  turn you into a fat-burning machine. If you are eating a moderate amount of low glycemic foods and stepping up the exercise, though, doing these sixteen things, or some of them, could give you the edge you need to see that fat disappear more quickly — and stay gone for good!

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown

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