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You have no less than four Christmas dinners to attend —  his office, your family, the church, family dinner with the kids and grandkids, etc.  How do you survive them without a lot of leftover pounds?

If it is a dinner where everyone brings a contribution, offer to bring something you can eat.  Check my back posts for low calorie recipes like cauliflower/broccoli salad and lemon fluff.  That way there is something there you can eat with a clear conscience — and if there are leftovers to take home, you can afford to keep them.

What if they say, “Oh, will you bring your famous oh-so-fattening-and-bad-for-you whatever dish again this year — say, “Not this year, but I will be happy to give you the recipe if YOU want to make it.”

If you have to do the whole dinner — and we moms are often in that position — tell the kids that it is time that they pick up the family traditions.  Let them make and bring the family diet-killers.  You can stick to the basics and add start some healthy traditions.

And send home the leftovers!

You can make it!

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown

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