Beyond Gorgeous

Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season is officially in full swing.  Start making up for the Thanksgiving feasting by walking and working in as many steps as possible. (Tell your spouse that Black Friday shopping is part of your weight loss plan!)

I hate to do it, but I am compelled to tell you of yet another food myth.  Calories do not drain out of food that sits in the refrigerator overnight. The sugar in those leftovers will crash right into your bloodstream, causing a big insulin dump and a message to your body to store fat.  Focus on eating the leftover turkey and gravy instead — and that tossed salad nobody touched yesterday.

You can get through this holiday season, not only without harm, but with joy.  Just be mindful of what you are eating.  Make sure you really want those treats, and if you do, put them on a plate, pick up a fork, and sit down to eat them.  Take small bites, chew slowly, and savor every morsel.  No need to be deprived.  Just don’t inhale the stuff because it is there.

And have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown

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