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Eating is easy.  It seems like a quick fix to make us feel better.  Unfortunately, food doesn’t really solve any of our real problems.  Like drugs and alcohol, it just gives us a temporary boost.  To be free of an unhealthy dependence on food, it might help if we take the advice given to those who struggle with other forms of addictions.  One of the counseling tools is a slogan called H.A.L.T.

The H is a reminder not to get too hungry.  When you skip meals and your blood sugar bottoms out, your brain isn’t running on all engines.  Your will power is low and your mind is fuzzy. That’s not a good time to be making decisions.  If you get too hungry, you are setting yourself up for a fail. That’s one reason that skipping meals is generally a bad idea.

You can prepare for this scenario by planning your meals and snacks in advance.  If low glycemic food is there and easily accessible, you will be far more likely to eat it.  If you are starving and the only things in the refrigerator need to be prepared and it will be a while before you can get it to your mouth — the plan is nearly doomed.  You will want to pick up the nearest edible item and start chomping. I know — been there, done that.

Plan ahead and take time to stop and eat before you get so hungry that you can’t handle the temptations.  You want to be winner, so develop some strategies for success.  Don’t get too hungry, and you will be off to a good start.

Eating to live and living for Christ,
Susan Jordan Brown

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