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Why is it so hard for you to stick to a plan when your friends seem to be having all kinds of success without much drama at all?  Chances are it isn’t in your genes, but in your personality.

Personality?  Yes, your personality will determine the success or failure of any particular plan.   So we just need to find a plan that fits the person you are.

God didn’t make us with a cookie cutter.  Every single person is made with different built-in strengths and weaknesses.  He also added others to us after our arrival here by our upbringing and by the influences in our lives.  All these things — those in your genes and those in your environment — were planned to make the unique YOU.

So a cookie cutter plan is not going to work for everyone.  Why try to make everyone fit a plan?  Better to find a plan to fit each individual.  That’s what we are going to be doing in this new series.  We’ll look at different personality types and figure out which one you are  and which plan fits you best.

Of course, there are some things that are true for all of us.  We all need to eat healthy low to moderate glycemic foods consistently for our bodies to function well.    Click here to read about low glycemic foods and the Green Light/Red Light eating plan. We all need to keep an eye on the calories to make sure we aren’t saving extra fuel in the fat cells. Click here to read about how to control your calories. We need to get moving and keep moving.  Click here to learn about an exercise plan you can actually do from now on. We need to drink half our body weight in ounces of water.  There are lots of ways to reach those goals, though.

Don’t fight who you are.  Work with the personality with which you were gifted from God.  Figure out how to use your strengths and set up a safety net to catch yourself when your weaknesses make you fall.

More on this tomorrow — so tune back in.

Eating to live and living for Christ,
Susan Jordan Brown

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