Beyond Gorgeous

It’s slump time — the dreaded time when our emotions lag behind our wills.  Do I really want to make these changes?  Is it worth it?  Does it matter anyway?

Yes!  Don’t listen to the negative voices inside your head.  Every day at slump time I will post for you some encouraging words to help keep you on track. For today, here’s an oldie but goodie:  Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

And what does thin feel like?  It feels like clothes that fit without pinching.  It feels like power.  I can move with energy and ease.  It feels like confidence. It feels young. It feels great!

I am thinking I really want that cookie — but will I enjoy it that much?  The cookie is all refined flour, sugar, and transfat. It will just make my blood sugar jump up and then crash. I’ll feel lousy.  And, of course, I won’t eat just one cookie. About half the package will disappear in no time and I will feel lousy AND like a failure.

Here’s my message to me (and you other slumpers) at slump time:  PUT THE COOKIE DOWN. IT’S NOT WORTH IT!!!!

By the way, it’s not smart to keep cookies around since you don’t plan  to eat them anyway.  Maybe though, you are like me and have a naturally thin spouse who likes to eat ONE cookie with his coffee after dinner.  Revisit this post when you are tempted to raid his stash.  Hmmm.  Would you be interested in some posts about living with naturally skinny people, without killing your healthy eating plan — or killing your spouse?

Eating to live and living for Christ,

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