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Why a two o’clock post? Because, for me, two is slump time. We all have body rhythms that peak and fall. There are times of day we feel creative and have energy. Larks have them in the morning while owls are at their best in the evening hours. And we all have a time that is a low time — a time when our spirits as well as our bodies slump.

That’s the danger time for dieters. At 2 o’clock I don’t really believe I can lose weight. I no longer believe what I’ve learned about how my body works and I think it doesn’t matter anyway. I bet you have a time when it is hardest for you to stick to a plan, too.

The smart thing to do is make preparations for slump time. In the morning I’m going to write something encouraging and post it at my personal low time. You can check it out any time after 2, when you hit your slump.

And if you have encouraging words, I’d like to hear them! Groups like Weight Watchers succeed mainly because of the support system. We can do that for each other. What is your favorite quote or inspiration when you are down and tempted to fall? Post them here and I’ll feature them in later slump-time posts.

For today I want to give you a challenge. You can give up on your weight loss/healthy living journey any time. It’s up to you. I’m here to encourage you, not to shame you or force you into anything.  But, I want you to commit to NOT giving up at slump time. Do it with a clear head and with good reasons (if you can think of any). Don’t sabotage yourself at slump time when you can’t trust your feelings!

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