Beyond Blue

One resolution I’m making this year is to surround myself with the people I most admire and respect. So first I had to list them and what they’ve taught me. All of the following people have endured their share of […]

The more I research and read about depression, the more questions I have about this brain disease, and the more I realize I don’t know. For example, it’s difficult to wrap my brain (no pun intended) around the “circuit-board” model […]

Continuing the conversation from yesterday about being highly sensitive … Here’s an excerpt from Aron’s book, which helps to lay out the pros and cons of a being a person who should stay away from Disney World and Toys-R-Us (as […]

In my video post I mentioned Elaine Aron’s book, “The Highly Sensitive Person.” I advise all depressives to read it, because most of you are going to be highly sensitive (which is not a bad thing at all). I was […]

I wrote about The Second Agreement awhile back:  It’s been one of those days where I’ve had to consult Don Miguel Ruiz’s classic book, “The Four Agreements,” and read the chapter about the second spiritual agreement: “Don’t Take Anything Personally.” […]

In my video I mentioned Dr. Abraham Low’s organization, Recovery, Inc.  For those of you not familiar with Recovery, Inc., it is a somewhat old-fashioned but very effective mental health program for persons suffering from depression and other mood disorders. […]

One reason I drag my kids to Lothian, Maryland (about 20 miles south of Annapolis) once a month to visit Fr. Joe Girzone, author of the bestselling Joshua series, is so that they believe me when I tell them that […]

Jeff Herring, a marriage and family therapist, and an internationally syndicated relationship columnist (Knight-Ridder/Tribune Media Services) identifies ten warning signs of an impending emotional affair: 1) Thinking or saying, “We’re just friends.” If you have caught yourself thinking or saying, […]

As I sit down to write my Mother’s Day post, I am filled with both tears and goose bumps. Yesterday at the park I talked to a fellow preschool mom in length about her father, who left for a loaf […]

Motherhood provides a host of useful lessons on how to live with mental illness, and vice versa. Here are just a few things the two have in common (in my opinion, of course): 1. Five years into both of them, […]