Beyond Blue

pocket therapist front cover small.jpgI have decided to dedicate a post on Thursday to therapy, and offer you the many tips I have learned on the couch. They will be a good reminder for me, as well, of something small I can concentrate on. Many of them are published in my book, “The Pocket Therapist: An Emotional Survival Kit.

In her book, “Finding the Deep River Within, Abby Seixas has a name for the constant state of busyness in America: “the “disease” of a-thousand-things-to-do.” Here are the symptoms: rushing, rushing some more, cussing while rushing, never having enough time, misplacing your car keys, cussing while trying to find your car keys, being interrupted while cussing about your lost car keys.

And the biggest casualty, in my opinion, of this disease?

Mean people get MEANER and crazy people get CRAZIER. (I am, of course, in the second group.)

So what do I do about my illness?


Twice a year, for a week if possible.

It’s like a silent retreat with screaming kids.

Despite the deafening yelps from the little people in my surroundings, the absence from all the online chatter in those days does wonders for my mental health and for my soul. I find myself (there you are!) after looking for her for five months, and I have a good chat with myself about my values and priorities, none of which say that I need to accomplish 5,987 things in two hours in order to be accepted and loved.

Sometimes I even emerge from my unplugged session in a delightful mood. That is, before I see the 2,837 emails I need to answer.

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