Beyond Blue
November 2011 Archives

Okay, folks, we’ve got two days until Armageddon for depressives: Daylight Savings Time. Time to pull out the HappyLites! In case you think I’m making up all this stuff about less light leading to depression, especially in the winter months, […]

I have decided to dedicate a post on Thursday to therapy, and offer you the many tips I have learned on the couch. They will be a good reminder for me, as well, of something small I can concentrate on. […]

I taped a radio show the other day with Court Lewis of American Variety Radio in which he wanted me to cover the demographics of depression. So here we go. Many of these stats I assembled from the book Understanding […]

An appropriate post for the Feast of All Saints … I have a magnet on my refrigerator that reads “Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you’re an a—hole.” It’s a gentle but effective reminder that on those days that […]