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My column on mental health, therapy, and all things in that category debuted this week on, a very cool, hip website that covers everything from reality television to bad diets. I will be writing weekly for them, and I’m very excited about that! You can visit them by going to

healing code.jpgIn my first blog post, I reviewed the book, “The Healing Code: Complete Mental and Physical Health, Success, and Inner Peace In 6 Minutes or Less.” I’ve posted part of the review here. You can go to to read the rest.

I admit it: I am one skeptical chick when it comes to health solutions, because I read so many self-help books a week that my bookshelves can no longer hold their weight. I’ve spent close to $40,000 on therapy, outpatient treatment programs, and psych visits. I’ve also explored almost every single alternative health treatment on the market today, from acupuncture to expensive Chinese herbs.

I spend an incredible amount of time each day pursuing good emotional and physical health. I’ve been called many things, but “health slacker” is not one. If I don’t swim 150 laps before 7:30 am, then I run seven miles. I eat plenty of roughage and vegetables, keep processed foods to a minimum, and take six omega-3 capsules a day, plus vitamin D, folic acid, and calcium supplements. I meditate for 15 minutes each morning, read spiritual literature, and keep a sleep/mood journal, where I jot down the time I went to bed the night before and how many hours I slept. In between therapy visits, I practice cognitive behavioral exercises on my own — stuff like identifying the ten distorted thoughts that bestselling author David Burns tells us to watch out for. I gave up alcohol 22 years ago, and I regulate the amount of caffeine I drink. Sugar? I’m still working on it.

I don’t believe in easy answers. If there ever were any, I would have found them by now. Trust me.

Alexander Loyd, Ph.D., N.D. and Ben Johnson, M.D., D.O., N.M.D., make several good arguments in their book The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue, but I’ll take a pass on buying into the Healing Code as the potential answer to all my health problems, which, I humbly admit, are substantial: A pituitary tumor, thyroid growths, Raynaud’s phenomenon, aortic valve regurgitation, and bipolar disorder.

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