Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue

Video: The Board Meeting in My Head

Have you ever fantasized about being the CEO of a Fortune 500 company? With a little imagination and a few voices inside your head (I know you have them too … you’ve already told me about them), you can be the big cheese, numero uno, the boss. When it comes to cognitive behavioral therapy, head tricks (as I call them), I rely on visuals. And my therapist is super talented at providing some really great ones. So sit back and enjoy the board meeting in my head.PS Sorry my voice is a little soft on this one. Everyone was asleep and I didn’t want to wake them up. I’m hoping you can just turn up your volume. I’ll try to do my other videos when everyone is awake.

  • Larry Parker

    On a serious note, I don’t think this is much different than saying that we must always be cognizant that we are the sum of ALL our experiences — the good as well as the difficult that may dominate our thinking in stressful times.

  • Valerie

    I Love it! I love visuals. That’s how my creative brain thinks. And that totally makes sense to me! Thanks for that. I can’t wait to share with my cognitive behavioral therapy group tomorrow. Thanks Therese! Maybe I’ll just tell them to come to the site, check it out, and join in on the “fun.”

  • hey

    my goodness, theresa….apparently, the thoughts in your head like to have board meeting too…i thought i was the only one…..that makes me feel better and maybe i can quell the arguing…

  • TB Fan

    Wow. This is so great. I am going to call a board meeting the next time there is a crisis in my corporation. Thank you so much for this visual. I love the concept of letting board members speak up, but also having the power to tell them when they have to sit down. Some of my board members go on way too long,
    This will stay in my head along with the S.E.L.F. No Trespassing video, which I love.

  • Kevin

    Very cool video. Seems you have a gifted therapist. Use of the Board meeting brings back memories of a Gestalt therapist I had more than 25 years ago. He had me hopping from chair to chair playing out every character in dreams and waking life. Brings back fond memories and hope.
    My father’s death brought out the worst in my family and things have never been the same. I was written out of the will, as anticipated, because I couldn’t take money as part of the ‘let’s pretend’ games played out in alcoholic families (it was a bit humorous to learn I was identified as ‘pre-deceased’ for purposes of the Will).
    As the oldest six it fell to me to manage the chaos that erupted when everybody learned he left everything to one of my sisters bypassing my mother. All manner of ugliness ensued. In some legal conference room I ended the suspense by announcing my sister would sign everything over to my mother-who had no idea she had been cut out. So, everything went to my mother.
    During the post-funeral gathering, my father’s lawyer and accountant found it necessary to tell me that my father respected me more than my siblings because I couldn’t be bought…sealing my fate within the family. Thankfully, I’m Irish…..

  • Tracey

    Thank you, Therese,
    I’ve been checking out Oprah’s Web Event with Eckhard Tolle, which is helping me to become more aware of my own thought process. The CEO is a fun way to monitor that stream of consciousness. It’s all just beginning to make sense to me. Thank ya thank ya!

  • marilyn

    another great tool to get through the hard times.glad i am not the only one with that type thinking

  • brenda

    i came across your site looking at a prayer site i watched your vidos and wow hello i have been dx with deppresion but i think i may be bi polor iam a nurse and i have never heard of hypo mania i now understand i wait for those moments i have them a couple days amonth i allways thought it had to do with pms but i had a hysterectomy almost a year ago and its still the same on those days i feel normal i crave that feeling wow thank you so much i had something devaststing happen two days ago my ego died that day too i dont think i would have relized that if it were not for your vadio remember victory and victim start with the same 3 letters god bless and good luck


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    Thanks, See Ya Around

  • Bill White

    Hi Therese…
    What a powerful video! It was actually two very strong visual presentations – the production itself, and the board meeting visualization. Very impressive. Thank you…

  • Mary Anne

    You never cease to amaze me! Ok I know u got it from your therapist but sharing the Board Mtg with us was something I appreciate. Along with your books, your posts, your caring…u are such a remarkable woman. I have not posted in awhile and just wanted to let u know that I am still around, reading and loving you. Learning to love me more as a result of and Beyond Blue. Thanks for hanging in there with us through all of the changes this yr….
    hugs and love, Mary Anne

  • cynthia

    What about a CEO that’s a bit wobbly and gives in to all the smaller voices of detraction? Those “mini me’s”
    get awfully rowdy !!! It’s good food for thought and work. Thanks for the tangible suggestions, they really help.
    Blessings, Cynthia

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