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In her national bestseller “Potatoes Not Prozac,” Kathleen DesMaisons offers a seven-step dietary plan for sugar-sensitive people like me. I’ve tried to implement her suggestions into my diet because, as a recovering drunk and depressive, sugar can throw me into […]

I read a very good and concise article in “Remedy Magazine” (Health and Wellness for Life) on how to boost your mental immune system by psychiatrist Sudeepta Varma, M.D., medical director of the World Trade Center Mental Health Program at […]

Several mom friends of mine have lately come down with a bad case of “empty-nest depression”–moms who just dropped off their youngest offspring to college, or moms having difficulty keeping busy now that the youngest is in kindergarten all day. […]

I’ve mentioned the work of Joshua Wolf Shenk before on Beyond Blue. He is known for his award-winning book on Abraham Lincoln’s melancholy, and is a gifted writer who is able to explain very confusing theories and topics in language […]

Here’s a great excerpt from Eileen Flanagan’s book “The Wisdom to Know the Difference,” now available in paperback! Learning to live with trust does not happen overnight, just as the spiritual practices in this book are not necessarily learned in a […]

According to Kevin Culligan, O.C.D, manic depression can mimic the behavior of someone growing in her spiritual life. Hey, that’s great news for me! The next time I get manic and tell an inappropriate joke to a colleague, I can […]

A psychologist and psychiatrist weigh in on “heroic melancholy.”

I have decided to dedicate a post on Thursday to therapy, and offer you the many tips I have learned on the couch. They will be a good reminder for me, as well, of something small I can concentrate on. […]

A Beyond Blue reader recently asked me to forward this piece to her. I needed to read it again, too … to try to find the dogged determination within me to stay focused on hope, not hopelessness. A woman who […]

Since it is going back-to-school season, I thought I’d educate you on some alarming statistics about depression among college students. Here are the facts, just the facts:   * One out of every five young people and one out of […]