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Video: Date Night

In addition to my marriage advice in this video, my objective is to “break your face,” as Jerry Seinfeld says. Life is too serious as it is.

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  • Larry Parker

    C’mon, Therese, all Caucasian guys are goofy dancers; it’s in our genes ;-P (Even separately, you seem like you make an adorable couple — if also a pairing of opposites, as you have said in the past!)
    Very cute. And a good reminder, even for those of us without significant others, of the importance of focused, ADULT conversation for those of us with these diseases.

  • Wendi

    My face is definitely broken. :)

  • Lynn

    You guys are the best. :)

  • Nancy

    My cheeks hurt (the ones on my face) from smiling!!! That was great!! That could be my husband, Steve!! He’s a wacko (my husband)- not Eric. That’s your territory. How cute with David sticking his head in the corner, and with Katherine’s Birthday party, we’ve met all except the dog(s). You do have canine(s), right? or am I really losing my mind – see, I get to say that because you said so yesterday!! Okay, enough with the exclamation points!!
    Yes, you’re right, Larry, some guys and dancing (or what they like to refer to as dancing) are not a great combo. Pre-sick days, when we went to events, I would want to dance every dance, and this poor man would try to keep up. The slow dance is a two-step something or other, which usually winds up with him saying “Would you please let me lead?” – Ok – well then let’s move!! Anyway, the video made me laugh and smile, because the best part of life is when we are just who we are; no pretenses, no facade, and to just be in the moment.
    You are obviously both a wonderful couple, regardless of the challenges of life, including parenthood. It is tough. Yep, i use to think “date night” was “queer” too. And, man, what a tall order not to talk about the kids. Ours are 22 and 19 years old, and we stiill do that.
    We’re psyched for Christmas, as my husband won the “lottery” for the Ryder Cup tickets for next year (not for free – we still are paying for them)- and we got all wrapped up in ordering the merchandise to go with it and the theme baskets for Christmas, and so on.
    So it went from getting the coveted X-Box years ago (which the 22 year old has the 360 version with Halo3 – God bless his girlfriend), and all of the “must haves” and trips to Disney World during Christmas week, so that Justin could celebrate his birthday with Mikey Mouse on 12/27 when was little to today.
    We love it and love them, but it’s really good to remember each other, as the nest does empty out, and hopefully at the other side, husbands and wives still like each other without the distraction and devotion to the kids. We also didn’t realize how much of our social life was based on seeing our friends at all of the kids sporting events!
    But we knew at the time, “This too shall pass”, so we embraced the time we had, and now it’s another growing pain of change. Things always change, which is great news when things are crappy, but not when you have the moments that you wish that time could stay still.
    So, fortunately for the ridiculous date nights and time we invested in each other, Steve and I do have a relationship outside of the kids, and we actually enjoy the quiet at times. We’re obviously getting old!
    Your mission, as you chose to accept it, has been completed, ms. technic phob (as i am also – my first reaction to anything new is an automatic quesiness). You broke my face and brightened up my day! You are a continued blessing, as well as is Eric.

  • DonnaY

    That was great! So you and your husband are opposites? How do you find something to share other than the kids? My husband and I have been married for 17 years and as the time passes we do not have alot in common (being opposites ourselves)except for our deep love for each other. It’s frustrating!!!
    Thank you for sharing your family with us!!!!

  • Mike

    Eric, I am glad we finely met you and found out you are a real person.
    I have been married 46 years to a woman who is totally different then me. It will work and the growth I have experienced has been beyond my dreams. There has been much pain, a lot more love, many wonderful dates.
    My wife experienced cancer of the colon 6 years and a recurrence 5 years ago. Today we are sharing the ultimate phase of love, her dying. There is a lot of gratitude, wonderful memories, many tears, and hugs.
    I am thankful for what we have known and shared together.

  • Wisdum

    OH my God ! … Your husband is the same as my wife’s husband ! I guess it’s true “Opposites attract” …
    After all these years of marriage, I have come to a basic conclusion (or is that pro-clusion ?) about the difference between men and women … Spirituality speaking, Men want to do God’s will (as long as it’s fun) and Women want God to do their will (and firmly believe God created Man to accomplish that end !)…
    LUV 2 ALL

  • Margaret Balyeat

    I MUST getthe speakers on my computer fixed so that I’m not trying to lip-read your videos! Regardless, i too was moved to a bout of inane grinning as I watched your husband and your precious David “mug” for the camera. it’s easy to tell–even WITHOUT the audio–that you have a comfortable and accepting way of relating to one another in which “cutting loose and being yourselves is acceptable (maybe even encouraged?) Blessings to all of you!
    And Wisdum, my friend, that’s an old saw in which the reverse can be just as true! I know plenty of men (my ex included) who view the role of wife as keeping husband anc children content and who themselves want to “do God’s will.(fun or not; we’re(sometimes) not as selective)

  • Chris

    I just found this sight and watched all of your videos. you definately touched my soul and “broke my face”. I’ve gone through some of these same challenges earlier in my life and I can feel your pain and your accomplishments too. I stand and give you props for the little things every day. Bit by bit, keep building your resevoir of self esteem. Date night is one of the most important things you and Eric can do. Don’t talk about the kids, even though it is tempting. It will be practice for in a few years, when you are alone again. It’s quite fun, when you get used to it. Opposites attract and bring a different perspective to the table. Neither is more important, only different. Together they make a whole. You are beautiful and brave.
    Love to you,

  • Inga

    Hey, tell Eric my Mom can fix him…she’s a dance teacher! David looks great on video. Very photogenic, tell him I said Hi.

  • Nancy

    I can understand why you “don’t want to catch your husband doing this”!!!
    Your fortunate to have a husband that would permit you to put that into your video (or did you fail to mention you were including him into your video blog?).
    Your also fortunate that you have a husband that can be silly and crazy and not care what others think because it is laughter that is the best medicine for those of us with depression and only those that know our true hearts can bring the true laughter out of us.
    God has blessed you with a wonderful family.

  • Wisdum

    Re -Margaret Balyeat | November 8, 2007 6:25 A
    And Wisdum, my friend, that’s an old saw in which the reverse can be just as true!
    ** Of course it can! There is nothing in this world that is specifically male or female (not counting giving birth of course !) One thing for sure, most disagreements are due to a lot of inherited BS perspective, and very often result in the destruction of a relationship and or marriage. Love is the ability to accept each others faults in lieu of what is called a marriage. On top of that it also requires sacrifice of self. You may very often hear the word “compromise”, but the Truth it is more often than not, comes down to sacrifice and surrender, and what you are willing to sacrifice in the name of Love/God (imagine how much Yeshuah, surrenderd for Love !)
    I know plenty of men (my ex included) who view the role of wife as keeping husband anc children content and who themselves want to “do God’s will.(fun or not; we’re(sometimes) not as selective)
    ** And that comes down to this sneaky little gift from God, known as “freewill” and unfortunately God does not discriminate…if you get it, everybody get it ! I very often ask “Don’t you think everybodt should have freewill ?” and they very often respond “Of course !…Well maybe not that guy !”
    I am so far beyond all this perception of God’s Rules, as laid down by organized religion, which the entire world knows is corrupt !(not necessarilly evil, just corrupt !) On top of that I am also into God’s sense of humor (which nobody thinks is one dam bit funny but God … and me !) If God know all things, past, present and future, even before the beginning of Time, then what does all of this suggest to you ? Have you ever seriously thought about any of that…Shakespeare said “The world is a stage, and we are ALL but actors, playing a part. There are no small parts, only small actors” … and then Yeshuah says “Come to Me, like a child !” Which suggests to me “We are born smart, and grow up to be stupid !” (How funny is that ?)… This is ALL about God playing, fun and games, with His/Her children ! … Are we having fun yet ?
    LUV 2 U /LUV 2 ALL

  • krista & liz huntington

    I myself is the same person as you are, I dont have not clue how u came about on my computer,, i ws lookin for something that would just make may days more happier,, more fullfilling,, and all of a suddend , You popped up on my screen,, I said why not look at it { Beyond Blue} AMAZING ….. I thought to myself, what a wonderful,, beautiful woman like your self ,, give so much of your self help others in dis stress,,or depression,,just lising and watchin ur vidos made me realize what life reallly is ,, watchin ur husbain dance,, u have a Amazing family,, and god bless and keep you well,,,,keep smiling ,, you have a BEAUTIFUL smile ,,

  • jeff0264

    Oh my ! That guy looks exactly like me .
    It’s freaky

  • Carolina Little

    I am new to your site! I love it.

  • Solman

    Liked your video!
    Knowing the importance of “Date Night” 25 years ago, I made sure my ex and I were on the same page (at least one night each week with friends or family watching the children) BEFORE we got married. Unfortunately, her vows, her commitments, her promises, or whatever you want to call it, were not important to her except as “tools” or to use her words “Everybody knows that everybody says whatever they think they need to so they can get what they want.” That is her preacher’s perspective as well.
    Date Night can definitely help a marriage where there aren’t such serious problems. It can help heal or prevent a lack of good judgement. But it can’t heal or prevent a lack of integrity.

  • linewoman1960

    I totaly aggree hay whatever right tool for the right app. and or situition we can use to keep Romance,Love,ETC…ALIVE in a given marriage,relationship I say GOOOOOOFOR IT A.S.A.P. Know!Amen and may GODs PEACE&BLESSINGS BE with you always!

  • irene

    no more complain, are my boss.god bless you always!

  • mer

    Oh my goodness….I love it….I have the exact same problem when my husband and I go out to dinner. In fact, it is so bad sometimes, that he has to say to me, “This table. You are at this table.” Because I will get so engrossed with the next table’s conversation! :o)

  • Jill

    That was a very good video, I’m glad Eric doesn’t do things like that anymore? lol :)

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