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I love the polls that fellow blogger John McManamy offers on his blog, Knowledge Is Necessity, and I love his entertaining way of putting all the facts together.

So July was a pretty crappy month for him and his readers.

Read about why, we are, in fact, miserable in this update from John. Here’s an excerpt.

Obviously, our population has extreme difficulties with the concept of happy. Meanwhile, we have miserable nailed. I suspect the general population is similarly – though not as excessively – predisposed.

Maybe we’re simply not meant to be happy, and the sooner we acknowledge this the happier we’ll be. Maybe our perception of happiness is totally wrong, and we become miserable chasing after the wrong things. Maybe life is all about successfully negotiating its special challenges, instead. Maybe the best we can hope for is quiet acceptance.

Who knows? What this admittedly unscientific poll clearly tells us is that an overwhelming majority of us are having considerable difficulties negotiating this rather ubiquitous presence called life. Obviously, we need to do a better job.

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