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My friend, Fr. Joe, has an interesting perspective on heaven. On his post, “When it Comes to Heaven, it’s Good to have an Insurance Policy,” he writes:

I get the weirdest remarks from people sometimes.

A man said to me the other day, “You Catholics are morbid with your idea of death, and life after death.” 

I asked him, “What’s morbid about it?” 

He said, “Because you make it a fixed part of your life and your philosophy.” 

“That’s not morbid, it’s a reality,” I told him. “It’s like a life insurance policy, which pays dividends when you’re alive and pays in full when you die.” 

“How do you figure that?” 

“It’s simple. The thought of meeting God helps to keep us honest and caring and living an honorable life. When we die, we cash in on the insurance policy that’s all paid up. So, when we meet God, we get a warm welcome home, with all our family and love ones. For people who choose not to believe that, what do they have? Nothing. If there’s no God, then you’re just an animal, maybe a classier species, but still nothing more, and when you die there’s just an empty hole. To me that’s morbid.”

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