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If you have a minute and are struggling with an awkward friendship, you should read some of the comments over at on my post, “8 Steps to Closure When a Friendship Ends.” Among them: This article came into my […]

I couldn’t resist linking to this post by fellow blogger Kari Henley. You can read her post by clicking here. I’ve excerpted a few paragraphs: Psychologists Wendi Gardner and Marilynn Brewer studied the ways people describe themselves and believe when […]

I guess we depressives are a tad sensitive. On the combox of my post, “Brain Changes After Depression,” many readers confessed that they take criticism the same way I do–as a life sentence–and appreciated the scientific explanation as to why […]

Me? I’m trying to get away from all this people-pleasing. I think it’s making me sick. However, being likable, or at least having many close relationships, also contributes to success and happiness, says fellow blogger Gretchen Rubin. And she gives […]

I hate to admit this, but I was somewhat consoled by Mary Elizabeth William’s blog on unfriendly reader feedback. She has her haters, too! And she interviews about a dozen memoir writers about their hate mail. In her post, called […]

You may all remember this video from awhile back. I thought I’d republish it today because its visualization about the doors into your conscious self is another great way of processing harmful words that tend to get the snowball of […]

Thanks to Beyond Blue reader, Ellen, who wrote this on the combox to my post “If Your Depression Is Triggered By Stress, Should It Be Treated With Medication?”: Surely if a depression is caused by stress, the first step should […]

Dear God, This is just a small thank you for coming through on your promises–especially the one assuring those who “weep and mourn” (a.k.a. depressives) that they will one day smile and laugh. (That’s your third Beatitude, right?) I remembered […]

Last year this time, I appeared on Fox & Friends to talk about how a person can celebrate Easter every day. But my mind wasn’t on the resurrection of Jesus. I was worried the puppy they sat in my lap […]

I was thrilled to see my 12 Depression Busters featured as the lead on the Huffington Post’s Living section (until they changed to “6 Things You Didn’t Know About Passover,” which is also a great read. Anyway, if you’re feeling […]