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s-STRESSED-large.jpgI was too stressed out to take Tara Stile’s stress test over at the Huffington Post. Here are her ten questions, but I advise you to check out her entire post.

1. Do you ever feel like you’re running out of time in the day and you haven’t even made a dent in what you set out to do?
2. Do you ever feel like you rush through things just to get to the next, never giving the proper attention to anything?
3. Do you find your stress-to-happiness ratio tipping steeply toward the stressful side?
4. Do you get annoyed with people for no apparent reason?
5. Do you have any nervous ticks? Head scratching, hand itching, face scrunching?
6. Do you feel exhausted when you wake up in the morning?
7. Do you worry about money all the time?
8. Do you need to practice yoga more?
9. Do you yell more than you laugh?
10. Did this quiz stress you out?

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